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Webinar: Deploying and Maintaining 5G Networks Efficiently

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 1pm-2pm EST

Emerging 5G infrastructure is vital for expansion of the fields that require low-latency data streams.  Planning a denser 5G network means setting up more links at a higher level of precision. Hence, more resources and specific tests are needed for reliable network setup.

In this live webinar Jonathan Labadie, T&M Sales Manager, and Aivis Danovskis, T&M Product Manager, will guide you through the basic tests that are necessary for successful maintenance and troubleshooting of a 5G network. They will show the time and cost benefits of using SAF’s Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzer for performing field tests required to operate a 5G network. Learn more about Spectrum Compact ahead of the presentation.

✅ 5G Overview
✅ 5G Deployment Challenges
✅ SAF’s 5G Test Solution
✅ Q&A session

Learn more about the details of the 5G solution kit by Spectrum Compact!

Try Spectrum Compact virtual demo! Browse through the 5G tests and explore the features of Spectrum Compact that make 5G deployment simpler!

You can send your questions here upon registration and during the presentation!

Spectrum Compact is the world’s smallest test and measurement solution for real-life applications like interference detection, site survey, path alignment and many more. Devices have a market leading receiver sensitivity of -128 dBm at 10 kHz RBW. Spectrum Compact is designed and manufactured by SAF Tehnika.