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Webinar: Aranet News and Roadmap Updates

Aranet wireless monitoring solutions can help your business grow! Would you like to learn more? Watch the recording of our webinar: Aranet News and Roadmap Update.



✅  Aranet4 News
✅  Other Sensors:
New Sensors
Sensor Development Roadmap
✅  Base Station:
New Base Station Functionality
Base Station Roadmap
✅  Apps:
New Aranet4 Display App
App Roadmap
✅  Aranet Cloud:
New Cloud Functionality
Cloud Roadmap
✅  Q&A


Materials that were mentioned in the webinar:


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Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a diverse range of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real time data. Aranet is designed and manufactured by SAF Tehnika.